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GHG Mitigation is the process of limiting the magnitude or rate of long-term climate change generally resulted in human (anthropogenic) emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Mitigation may also be achieved by increasing the capacity of carbon sinks, e.g., through reforestation, installing Renewable Green Energy Power Plants like Wind, Solar, Bio-Mass etc., Mitigation policies can substantially reduce the risks associated with human induced global warming.

TASMA's Stake in Wind:

Since the inception of TASMA in early 1997, TASMA has been advising & encouraging its members' to go for green energy investments like Wind, Solar, Bio-mass etc., As a result, TASMA members have invested into Windmills to a tune of 1,300 MW spread across all the windy passes like Aralvaimozhi, Senkottah, Palghat & Andipatti in the State of Tamilnadu. The capacities may vary from 225 KW to 2.1 MW depending on the Power requirement of the member mills for their own manufacturing demands; The estimated generation from these windmills is approximately 2,200 GWh annually which had mitigated 2.2 Million tonnes of Carbon-di-oxide equivalent every year.