New Member Request
S.No Name of Member Mill
1 K M Knitwear Private Limited Unit-12
2 K M Knitwear Pvt Ltd (Unit 14)
3 K M Knitwear Pvt Ltd (Unit 2)
4 K.A.S. Industries India (P) Ltd.,
5 K.K.P. Fabrics (P) Ltd
6 K.K.P. Hi Tech Weaving India (P) Ltd
7 K.K.P. Spinning Mills Ltd
8 K.K.P. Weaving and Processing Mills Ltd
9 K.M. Knitwear Private Limited
10 K.M.D.Clothing
11 K.N.M. Mills (P) Ltd
12 K.P.G Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
13 K.P.N. Textile Mills Private Limited
14 K.P.R. Mill Limited
15 K.P.R. Mill Limited
16 K.P.R. Mill Limited
17 K.P.R. Mill Limited
18 K.P.R. Mill Limited
19 K.P.R. Mill Limited
20 K.P.R. Mill Limited (Processing Division)
21 K.P.R. Sugar and Apparels Limited
22 K.S.R. Textile Mills (P) Ltd.,
23 K.S.R. Textile Mills Pvt Ltd ‘B’ Unit,
24 K.T.Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
25 Kamadhenu Spinning Mills
26 Kandagiri Spinning Mills Ltd
27 Kandhar Cotspin Private Limited
28 Kannappan Textile Mill (P) Ltd
29 Karikali Amman Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
30 Kartya Textiles Pvt Ltd
31 Karur Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
32 Kasim Textile Mill Private Limited
33 Kasim Textile Mills Private Limited
34 Kaveri Yarns and Fabrics Limited
35 Kayaar Exports Private Limited
36 Kesharinandan Knit Fabrics (P) Ltd (Knitting Division)
37 Kesharinandan Knit Fabrics (P) Ltd (Spinning Division)
38 KG Denim Limited
39 KGR Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
40 KKP Textiles Private Limited
41 Kokilaa Textile India (P) Ltd
42 Kousthuba Spinners Private Limited
43 KP Cotton Mill
44 KPT Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
45 KRG Textile Mills P Ltd.,
46 Krishna Poultry Farm (P) Ltd - Textile Division
47 Krishna Poultry Tex Mill (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
48 KSV Cotton Mills Private Limited
49 Kumaragiri Spinnerss (P) Ltd
50 Kumaragiri Textiles Ltd
51 Kumaran Gin and Pressing (P) Ltd (Spinning Division)
52 Kumaran Textiles
53 Kurinji Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
54 Kutti Spinners (P) Ltd.